Monthly Window Cling Winner!

Michelle Walsh - Window Cling Winner - September 2018

Do you have one?  Do you want one?  You should get one! 

YOU MAY WIN $100.00*

We’re Blood Hounds…

Each month we search the area to find our Kota’s Place window cling being displayed on your car.  If we spot it on your car, we snap a picture, post it on our website as well as Facebook along with the last 3 digits of your license plate number.  Keep watching and we will too!These are not sticky bumper decals that can damage your paint, they’re clings that attach to your glass. They don’t leave a mark or fade your paint, and you can take ’em on and off as often as you’d like.  If you’d like one, stop by or fill out the form below, and we will mail you one!


*no purchase necessary to win. winners are completely random and there may not be a winner awarded every month. Kota’s Place is not responsible for placement on your vehicle. Please be safe and do not apply to an area that may block your vision.

Kota's Place People Treats

Kota's Kash

Rewards Program

We are happy to announce Kota’s Kash Rewards Program for our clients.  We are in the process of setting up a point system that will allow you to earn different items as well as daycare or boarding for your dog! Check here for updated information starting in October of 2018!